Grief Survivor

(A love story)

Marla Kane Polk’s Grief Survivor is a love story, and this love story is real. But like most true stories, it is messy and sad and funny and, ultimately, it’s a commentary on how to help those in deep grief. It looks at how to help yourself, if you have lost someone you love. When darkness closes in completely, this book offers a lighted path.

About Marla

Marla Polk is a communications coach specializing in helping broken relationships heal through communication tools she developed as a mediator. She is Managing Partner for Resolution Solutions a conflict resolution consulting company. She is the President of the Board of Directors for a nonprofit the Abilene Palm House that mentors at-risk individuals and works specifically with women who have been survivors of violent crimes. She is the mother of two grown, happily married sons and lives in Abilene, Texas with her two dogs, two cats and devoted partner.

Links and Resources

Resolutions Solutions

An international full-service conflict management consulting firm based in Abilene, Texas.

Our team is composed of CPS Certified Mediators, Restoration Justice Circle Certified Facilitators, practicing lawyers and arbitrators, and experienced speakers specializing in mediation, communication coaching, workplace disputes, family grief support and more!

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Abilene Palm House

The Palm House was built over 120 years ago in Abilene, Texas. Over the years, the house became neglected and was in need of major repairs. A group of women saw the house and what it could become, and despite suggestions from numerous people to tear it down, they moved forward with plans to restore it, a process which would ultimately take 3 years to complete. The Palm House was restored entirely from donations by the community, and all of the programs are facilitated by volunteers. It has been over 10 years since work first began on the house, and the impact it has had on the community has continued to grow. In 2017, two young women moved into Palm House and now volunteer their time to reach out to the community around them.

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