A Covid Thanksgiving

I wanted to write an uplifting, heartfelt Thanksgiving story, but instead, the overwhelming message that I can’t seem to get out of my head is to tell you, my friends, to enjoy and love where you are without judgment. This year has divided so many of us, and it does not have to be likeContinue reading “A Covid Thanksgiving”

Happy Birthday, Randy

Happy Birthday, Randy. I chose November 15 to release “Grief Survivor, a Love Story” because November 15 would have been Randy’s 61st birthday. I would have teased him about how old he was. He was four and a half years older than me, and I never let him forget it. I would have given himContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Randy”

Happy Veteran’s Day

Randy Polk joined the Air Force in 1989 on a whim. Top Gun had just come out, and he thought it looked like a great adventure to become a pilot. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he was talked into joining the Medical service corps and had many years of service as a medical administrative officer. He wasContinue reading “Happy Veteran’s Day”

7 Years

     According to biblical tradition, seven years is a Jubilee year, the year when slaves and prisoners would be freed and debts would be forgiven. I have wondered if I would feel a new sense of freedom from my grief now that seven years have gone by. I did not wake up feeling lighter like IContinue reading “7 Years”

Meeting Randy

“Being there with all those college kids and seeing all their idealism and young love made me think of Randy and how we met, when we were in college. It was September 1982. He was wearing a T-shirt and gold, very short, polyester gym shorts. There is no other way to put it but toContinue reading “Meeting Randy”

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